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Individual Lunch Box

Individual Lunch Box


An Individual Lunch Box with a freshly prepared sandwich, a snack pot and a treat.

Perfect for social distancing lunches. We provide a mix of the following fillings

1. White Bread with sliced chicken, Cranberry stuffing and Mayo

2. Brown Bread with Sliced Mozzarella, Tomato & Green pesto (V)

3. White Bread with Ham, Egg Mayo, Ballymaloe Relish

4. White Bread with Avocado, red pesto, roasted peppers, spinach (V)

5. Wrap - Curry Chicken and Mixed Leaves

6. Wrap - Goats cheese and Beetroot (V)

7. Ciabatta - Ham, Sliced cheese and Onion relish

8. Ciabatta - Turkey, Diced Bacon, Sundried Tomato paste and mixed leaves.

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