Our Food
Veg Dip

All our food is purchased from reputable suppliers, some of which are local to our premises. Our food is fresh with daily deliveries, ensuring only the best and freshest ingredients are used in all our menus. Our menus are seasonal using the finest ingredients in every dish.


Here at Sweet Cicely, we have introduced several improvements to ensure we are aligned with the demands of the Environment and have put great effort into ensuring all our packaging complies with recycling regulations. Our Corporate strategy is to ensure we adhere to local guidelines and recommendations and recognize our responsibility to manage and reduce our impact on the environment.

Our priority is to remove plastic packaging from our supply chain. We have introduced new compostable and recyclable food boxes; we are committed to removing single use plastics from our unit and our goal is to ensure by 2021 all our packaging will be compostable, recyclable or reusable. We are environmentally friendly and helping to reduce our Corporate Footprint. To date our recent changes are in place for all our sandwich boxes, fruit boxes, goodies boxes, and individual salad boxes.

We only buy Free Trade Coffee from certified partners and use Lavazza coffee. They are committed to supporting innovation against climate change and encourage education and business support in the communities of the coffee producers.